3 thoughts on “Richie Havens :: Stonehenge

  1. Great to see some Richie.

    I love your blog but seldom comment, sorry about that but thanks for all the music.

  2. Seems like Richie is ripe for a big revival. “Live at the Santa Monica Civic,” with it’s griot-style, propulsive take on Fred Neil’s “Dolphins” has remained a desert island fave of mine for decades. He lived his truth and shared his bliss every day till his death. Can’t wait for more people to discover what’s been there all along.

  3. I came across Richie Havens back in the early 90’s when I worked at Maxwell’s in Hoboken,NJ. His performance, warm and open demeanor and smile sent me straight to the record store to buy Mixed Bag. I saw Havens preform several other times over the years and it was always a heartfelt performance that left a smile on my face. I agree with Mark Williams, the time is rip for a big revival of Richie.

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