Blondie :: Out In The Streets (1976 Demo)


I ripped this version of Blondie’s cover of The Shangri-Las “Out In The Streets” a few years back, via youtube, having failed to locate an ‘official’ version. Blondie freaks, feel free to learn me in the comments as to its provenance.

Unlike the rendition found on the 2001 reissue of the group’s eponymous 1976 debut, here we find the band sticking much closer to the song’s original aesthetic intent.

Blondie :: Out In The Streets (Demo)

5 thoughts on “Blondie :: Out In The Streets (1976 Demo)

  1. Don’t know if this helps, but a snippet of a version that sounds much closer the demo was used in the Don Letts “Punk Attitude” documentary.

  2. I believe this was recorded by the wonderful and generous Alan Betrock, author of ”Girl Groups: The Story of a Sound” and publisher of seminal 70’s rag NY Rocker. He released it on a limited 45 with “Disco Song”, later to be “Heart of Glass”, on the flip side…

  3. I bought the 2 copies of the bootleg 45 in the UK in 1977/8 – still have a copy of it.

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