Exactly What I Need: A Mixtape – Songs That Are Sacred, And Songs That Might As Well Be


In times like these, music is exactly what we need. The songs collected here span the divides that separate country from folk and rock; organized religions from new-age cults; and sacred songs of devotion from wasted secular blues. Major label releases by well-known seekers are represented alongside recordings of Christian youth groups and outsiders’  self-financed  vanity projects. Regardless of whether you worship Jesus, Shiva, or some bearded hippie guy in a robe, these songs will lift you out of the darkness and take you OM. words / m dawson

Fred Walker – Exactly What I Need
Genesis – The Love Of God
The Center Family – To Taste His Love
Allan Townsend and Rick Betts – Jesus Is On The Way
John Fahey – Jaya Shiva Shankara
Larry Groce – Look Up From Your Troubles
Marlin Greene – Fields Of Clover
Pat Quinn – Make It Burn
Soul Purpose – Christian Be Strong
Joey Garone – Spring
Michael O’Gara – Keep Me From Going Under
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost – Vache Ecrasse
Jerry Glen Ward – Only Darkness
Billy Blackwood – Amen Chorus
Charlie D and Milo – Om Sweet Om

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9 thoughts on “Exactly What I Need: A Mixtape – Songs That Are Sacred, And Songs That Might As Well Be

  1. i click on the link but playlist won’t play on macbook or iphone. what am i doing wrong?

  2. Thanks so much for this. It really helped me out this morning, and I appreciate your effort to bring some calm to this world right now.

  3. The fact that there isn’t an Incredible String Band song on this list is disconcerting.

  4. i clicked the tiny play button next to the link on my iphone and was good to go. hope that helps.

    another beautiful playlist, AD.

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