Funk Factory :: Funk Factory (1975) / Vinyl Reissue


The UK based reissue label Be With Records has been on a kick of late with with a stable of vinyl reissues including a trio of Ned Doheny gems, Eddie Hazel’s 1977 masterwork, Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs and the incomparable voice that belongs to Andy Bey. Next month sees the label’s latest venture — a reissue of Funk Factory’s 1975 s/t LP. Per their m.o., the vinyl release satisfies a void in the market for those not wanting to spend $100+ for an original. Like many, I have Paul’s Boutique to thank for the original hip.

Funk Factory :: Rien Ne Va Plus

3 thoughts on “Funk Factory :: Funk Factory (1975) / Vinyl Reissue

  1. I bought this on vinyl off eBay probably 15 years ago. I think I paid $15-20, and back then I thought that was a lot of coin. Glad I got it when I did! And yeah, Paul’s Boutique hipped me to this too. Collecting originals of the PB samples on vinyl used to be one of my hobbies, back in the day before you could just hit up WhoSampled and check YouTube videos of the songs!

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