Psychic Ills :: Inner Journey Out


“Goin’ through another change,” sings Tres Warren on Psychic Ills’ latest hazy trip,  Inner Journey Out. And to be sure, the album shakes things up for a band that seems to love shaking things up. Since 2003, they’ve traveled through a myriad of psychedelic landscapes, from extended drones to scuzzy garage rock. The new one finds them in an even more classic rock setting than its predecessor, the excellent  One Track Mind. Employing sunkissed pedal steels, ghostly gospel choirs, and gentle acoustic guitar strums, Warren and bassist Elizabeth Hart earn comparisons to the Opal/ Mazzy Star world (Hope Sandoval herself shows up on guest vocals here), as well as similarly wasted vibesters like Nikki Sudden and Jason Pierce. The songwriting is uniformly strong, usually keeping things simple with just a handful of chords. But Warren and Hart always deliver inventive twists and interesting arrangements, whether it’s an elegantly fuzzed out guitar solo, a delicate love song, or the wandering nine-minute jam “Rah Wah Wah.”  Inner Journey Out  is by no means as “out” as Psychic Ills have gotten in the past, but it’s an album well worth getting into. words / t wilcox

Psychic Ills :: Another Change

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