Rhyton :: Redshift

urlWith a pedigree than includes stints with sonic adventurers like No-Neck Blues Band, Pigeons and Stygian Stride, and an arsenal that includes an array of Greek stringed instruments, you might expect something pretty esoteric from Rhyton. What you probably wouldn’t expect is a totally killer Joe Walsh cover. But that’s just what you get on the band’s newest record, the absorbingly eclectic  Redshift.

It’s not all big classic rock moves, of course — there are surf-y excursions, kraut-rock zones, Dead-worthy chooglers, and intricate, electrified Greek-inspired folk jams. In other words, there’s not much Rhyton can’t do. Whatever they get up to, the primary pleasure here is just hearing the trio interact and bounce ideas off one another, the rubbery rhythm section of Jimy SeiTang and Rob Smith providing a launchpad for Dave Shuford’s fearless/fun explorations. You’ll definitely get Sun City Girls vibes from  Redshift, maybe even a whiff of the Meat Puppets. And of course, plenty of Joe Walsh. words / t wilcox

Rhyton :: D.D. Damage

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  1. Thanks for the link. Listening to the whole thing on spotify right now: as you said, eclectic and evocative.

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