AD Presents: Vox Scapo – A Mixtape

vox scapo

Ethereal jazz and slow grooves throughout, this is Vox Scapo. Set it to cruise control and take in a free and easy summer soundscape as August begins to wane. Our fifth collaboration with Portland, OR based record collectors Sam Huff and Colton Tong.

Stella By Starlight – Jorge Dalto
Avenida Atlantica — Rieber Hovde, Howard Roberts, Ed Thigpen
Suspense – Hornets
The Juggler — Fox
Fly Away — Barrabas
Ataraxia Part I — Passport
September 13 — Deodato
Time To Get It Together — Marvin Gaye
Are You There – America
Solar Flares — Sven Libaek and His Orchestra
Jeffy’s Song- Geoff Tyus
Come Running To Me — Herbie Hancock
Attic Thoughts — Bo Hannson
Südwind — Thirsty Moon

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18 thoughts on “AD Presents: Vox Scapo – A Mixtape

  1. Strong preference here for a single mp3 — anyone else feel similarly?

    Otherwise, and perhaps more importantly, beautiful and enjoyable as always — thank ya.

  2. No I never prefer a single file for any mix from AD or anywhere else. Why? What’s the difference. I prefer to discover the artists. If you’ve got a single file then you have to come back to remember who the artist is for a specific track.

  3. I’m with Clayton.
    A mixtape is all about flow and sequence, so definitely in a single track for me…
    if not you’ve got a playlist … not the same thing!

  4. The more I listen to it the more I am of the opinion, this is the best installment of them all…cohesive, smooth transitions, very good songs (as always)
    Thank you gents

  5. The download link says the file isn’t available any more. Please can it be re-upped?

  6. Enjoying this mixtape! Favourite track ‘September 13’ by Deodato. Love the individual tracks by the way. Thanks

  7. Absolutely incredible. Thanks for taking the time to put something like this together for all to enjoy.

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