Sandy Denny :: Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado, April 1973


Sandy Denny played with plenty of great bands in her all-too-brief life, from The Strawbs to Fairport Convention to Fotheringay. She even jammed with Led Zeppelin. But the British singer-songwriter didn’t need anything more than her voice, accompanied by acoustic guitar or piano, to captivate listeners. Sometimes she didn’t even need an instrument: check out the spine-tingling a capella rendition of Richard Farina’s “The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood,” captured on this tape of a 1973 solo performance in the Mile High City.

The rest of the set is stellar, too, highlighted gorgeous renditions of “Late November” and “The Music Weaver” and an extremely intense “John the Gun.” Best of all is “At the End of the Day,” a swooning love song rescued from its overproduced studio counterpart, and presented here in stark, breathtaking form. Sandy passed away close to four decades ago, but listening in to this tape, she sounds as vivid and powerful as ever. words / t wilcox

Download: Sandy Denny :: Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado, April 1973

Late November / The Music Weaver / It Suits Me Well / Bushes & Briars / The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood / The Sea Captain / At the End of the Day / John the Gun

8 thoughts on “Sandy Denny :: Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado, April 1973

  1. i was there i do believe —had press pass
    i wrote reviews for CAKE EATERS mag
    other acts seen there: Tim Buckley, Little Feat, Fairport, PFM, Beefheart, R Newman, Stanley Clarke, jimmy Spheeris, Good Rats!

  2. Hello, don’t seem to be able to load it. From France, that is. Thanx anyway for the fantastic work ! I’m a daily follower. and an old-time Sndy Denny fan.

  3. Wonderful thank you so much. such an intimate setting . . . . End of The Day is as you say swooning . . the chat brings her closer. The voice takes us higher . . .

  4. Thank you very much. This is lovely to listen to. You can never have enough of Sandy. I love this live version of Late November which has always been my favourite Sandy song. Her little bits of chat are just so charming and seem to bring her a little closer to us after all these years.

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