6 thoughts on “AD Presents: Guided By Voices / Teragram Ballroom – Friday

  1. There is very little better than the beginning of the demise of the original lineup Between King Shit and the Golden Boys and the new lineup in Mag Earwhig! Probably the best of all possible Guided By Voices worlds.

  2. Favorite era is now, strangely enough. I was fortunate enough to see them in Denver in April and they slayed.

  3. I always gravitate towards the early 2000s GBV, especially Isolation Drills. That album is just jam-packed with great songs.

  4. Now is the greatest period of GbV — they have thousands of songs at their disposal from three decades of R Pollard’s incredible imagination, and the hits keep coming.

  5. yes, Mag Earwhig! is great. also enjoy Sunfish Holy Breakfast & the collab between Pollard & Doug (forgot his last name) Speak Kindly. oh yeah, Tonics is a great GBV album

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