Introducing Karl Blau

Introducing-Karl-BlauWashington State’s Karl Blau has been releasing music for the better part of two decades, much of which has remained under the radar. However, that may be changing.

On Introducing Karl Blau, his recently released covers record, we find the artist born again in the light of Cosmic American Music. Covering country and folk greats such as Tom T. Hall, Link Wray, and Townes Van Zandt, Blau rejoices, not in pastiche, but in the delicate splendor of submerging into the source material. His renditions are fairly catholic — but, similar to the place he calls home, there is a majestic beauty and grandeur throughout that reveals itself in subtleties. Here, Blau reveals a deep country croon that feels natural and at peace as he basks in the august nature of this music. A phosphorescent radiance gleams off his renditions of Tom T. Hall’s “That’s How I Got To Memphis” while his expansive version of Link Wray’s “Fallin’ Rain”, finds itself awash in an ocean of chimes and piano. words / c depasquale

Karl Blau :: That’s How I Got To Memphis

5 thoughts on “Introducing Karl Blau

  1. This is absolutely one of my favorite records of the year. The version of Fallin’ Rain is 9 minutes of pure gorgeous!

  2. Discovered this record with y’all’s review. Been listening to it nonstop. I cannot believe how good it is and how good a singer Blau is.

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