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There's a case to be made for quality over quantity. Sometimes, bands with decades-long careers offer extensive output, pumping out album after album in an effort to appear relevant and hip. Then there’s Teenage Fanclub. Teenage Fanclub aren't a supply-and-demand kind of band, and it works in their favor. Formed in  1989, the Scottish group's output may have slowed in recent years --   it's been more than half-a-decade  since the release of their 2010 album, Shadows -- but that doesn't mean they've put music on the back burner.  Individually, they've been busy, devoted to  their equally wonderful side projects (work with Jad Fair, Euros Childs, the New Mendicants, Snowgoose, Lightships), content to take their time crafting a new Fanclub record, knowing that the wait will be worth it (and that their fans are patient ones).

So, exit Shadows, and enter Here.

Released September 9th  via Merge Records, Here is their third release for the label, recorded in three studios in three different countries (Raymond McGinley’s own home studio in Scotland; Vega in Provence, France; Clouds Hill in Hamburg, Germany) before being mastered at Abbey Road in London.

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