The John Coltrane Quartet :: Naima – Paris, 1962


John Coltrane would’ve turned 90 today, and even though he passed on all the way back in 1967, the music he made still reverberates with a power and clarity that refuses to be dimmed by age. His work has been pored over endlessly by listeners and scholars, but there are still countless gems to be found or re-discovered. Case in point, this hazy 1962 rendition of “Naima,” performed with his mighty quartet (McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison) in Paris. The recording is pretty far from hi-fi, but Coltrane easily cuts through the murk. “Naima” boasts one of the saxophonist’s prettiest melodies, but as with almost everything he did, Coltrane plays it restlessly, exploring every contour, discovering the tune as it unfolds, heading towards its gentle climax. Ascension achieved.   words / t wilcox

The John Coltrane Quartet :: Naima (Paris, 1962)

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  1. Hate to nitpick, but isn’t this actually from the (fantastic) Carsten Meinart Quartet reissue you guys covered a while back?

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