Sip on this narcoleptic soul brew – Junior Parker’s psychedelic molasses rendition of the Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows.” One of three Beatles covers found on his 1971 LP, Love ain’t Nothin’ But A Business GoinOn, Parker died of a brain tumor the year of its release just shy of his fortieth birthday.

Junior Parker :: Tomorrow Never Knows

4 Responses to “Junior Parker :: Tomorrow Never Knows / Beatles”

  1. The version of “Taxman” on this record is just as good!

  2. psychedelic molasses for the cerebral hemispheres indeeed. First heard on the brilliant drunkard transmission 10. I want a copy of this LP badly. That is tragic about Junior Parker dying from a brain tumor.

  3. Hi, I love your blog and your mixes! Coincidentally I posted the same track on Pie in the sky, a map of psychedelic music from all over the world:
    I just thought you might like what I’m doing! Wanna switch mixtapes or something? Have a sunny sunday, Oliver

  4. Great album. I always wondered who the guitar player was. Anybody know?

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