Address Los Angeles: 6311 Yucca / The Bush

Address Los Angeles, a new recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, explores the lesser-to-unknown corners of LA: be it an address, an artist, or a fleeting thought.

The mailroom at 6311 Yucca Street in Hollywood must've been pretty busy in the mid-60s. You could join The Partridge Family Fan Club by sending in a postcard; for $15 you could become a minister, by mail, with the Church of Universal Brotherhood (whose selling point was simply that being a minister, with a flock, exempted you from the draft); or write a complaint letter to Seven Seventy Publications because one of their magazines, maybe  Raunchy, Vegas Playgirl, Nifty Nylons  or  Nu-Color Nudist  wasn't smutty enough for your specialty interests. You could also send in your own lyrics to Preview Records and have the great Rodd Keith, pioneer of the song-poem genre, set it to music and sing your words.

Or you could, for a short time, stop into the offices of Hiback Records. There you'd find a roughly 30-year old Gerry Hibbs, former Chapter President of Phi Kappa Tao at UCLA, and his fellow Bruin alum, Mike Hogan: the President and VP, respectively, of Hiback.

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