Less séance, more opening of the gates — those were our closing thoughts on Weyes Blood’s 2014 longplayer, The Innocents. And with that in mind Natalie Mering’s latest, Front Row Seat to Earth, ushers us through those gates and into the hinterlands. It’s here that we find her old world brand of folk married by blood oath to a more elegant, almost baroque chamber pop. As a whole the album evokes an atmosphere reminiscent of private press psych-folk and progressive exploration, none more evident than on the stunning “Be Free”. Transcending the shackles of love, codependency and isolation, the track rides waves of bubbling synths and a floats with a cathartic weightlessness, free in spirit. words / c depasquale

Weyes Blood :: Be Free

4 Responses to “Weyes Blood :: Be Free”

  1. nice saturday jamb

  2. One of this year’s finest albums. Along with Matt Kivel’s two albums (“Janus” and “Fires on the plain”)

  3. Lovely, pure & relaxing. Is it me or does this reflect touches of Gene Clark & Iain Matthews ?

  4. @michael a bassett – i hear it.

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