Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (25th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue)


“Well, I’m gonna make myself a cup of Good Morning America, ya’ll want some?” While the news of last year’s reissue of the Twin Peaks OST was cool, this is personally what I’ve been waiting for: a  vinyl issue of Fire Walk With Me. I was 16 when I picked up the CD upon the film’s initial release — soundtracking and possibly warping/haunting some formative years. Oh, well. Among other things, I have the collection to thank as my introduction to the late, great Little Jimmy Scott (via “Sycamore Trees“), and later on the music bed for my first radio show was courtesy of “The Pink Room“. Also, I’m pretty confident it was FWWM that finally led to my purchasing Julee Cruise’s indispensable 1989 debut, Floating Into The Night. While the score for the original series remains beautifully consistent, the companion soundtrack to Fire Walk With Me, like Lynch, is eclectically bizarre, humorous and surprising.

The reissue of Fire Walk With Me is out January 25th, via Death Waltz Recordings.

Angelo Badalamenti :: The Pink Room