The End Is At Hand: Volumes 1-3 / A Homemade Psych Compilation


Our collaboration with BlackForrestry continues. Witness – The End Is At Hand: Volume Three. Similar to volumes one and two, this homemade collection rounds up super-obscure, often private press, outsider psychedelic guitar and folk music from the 60s and 70s…all with the underlying theme of the Jesus People Movement.

During the early 1970s the Movement gained a certain amount of notoriety when mass media (Time and Life magazines) featured iconic photographs depicting throngs of hippies getting baptized in the Pacific Ocean + parading through the streets hefting signs that read “Jesus Loves You”. Out of this movement sprang a vibrant music scene, and while there were a number of bands that gained some recognition, many were under-heard, fading into oblivion. Until now. The below mix of Jesus-centric songs ranges in vibe from electric psychedelia to rural pastoral and beyond. And available for the first time in six years, be sure to snag the re-ups of two previous Jesus Movement mixes. Praise.

The End Is At Hand: Volume Three – Gonna Sing My Lord (external link, zipped folder)

1. The Accompany – Beside The Still Waters
2. Listen – Clouds And Suns
3. Our Generation – Near The End
4. Indelible Inc. – Gonna Sing My Lord
5. Candida Pax – Darkness
6. Out Of Darkness – Walk On The Water
7. The Exceptions- Holy Holy Holy
8. Face To Face – Love Was Born
9. Frank Starr – Jesus
10. Christbearer – Into The Light
11. Benny Hester – Please Let This Be So
12. Wilcox-Sullivan-Wilcox – Holy Man
13. Hallam Street Band – In The Morning
14. Presence – Moment Of You
15. Maranatha, PA – Agape Love
16. Hosanna – Friend
17. Bernard Backman – Reverse Creation
18. Pitch & Spice – Hallelujah
19. Exkursions – It’s Been Sent Down
20. Concrete Rubber Band – What Shall We Do?
21. Rebirth – Into The Light
22. Bob Desper – Dry Up Those Tears
23. Ramases – Jesus Come Back
24. Earthen Vessel – Life Everlasting


Download: The End Is At Hand : Volume One (external link, zipped folder)

1) Creation, Lord I saw You Cry – Azitis
2) Almighty God – Wilson McKinley
3) Someone Who Cares – Gospelfolk
4) Come Into My Life – First Revelation
5) Spirit Move Me – Ray Lemay
6) Jesus Is – 2nd Chapter of Acts
7) This Bird – Fraction
8) On Solid Rock – Out of Darkness
9) The Rapture – The Last Call of Shiloh
10) Second Best Friend – Infinity Plus Three
11) A Love Song (Reprise)- Love Song
12) The Edges of His Ways – Linda Rich
13) Son of God”- Parchment
14) Sailing On A River – Glass Harp
15) The Bible – D R Hooker
16) Pressed Down Shaken Together- Pressed Down Shaken Together
17) Kingdom – Harvest Flight
18) You And I – Search Party
19) All Across The Nation – All Saved Freak Band
20) Will The Circle Be Unbroken – U.S. Apple Corps.
21) Romans 10:9 – Selha


Download: The End Is At Hand : Volume Two  (external link, zipped folder)

01) The New Creation – Countdown To Revolution (excerpt)
02) Bob Desper – The World Is Crying For Love
03) Re-Creation – Music
04) Holy Ghost Reception Committee #9 – There’s A Voice Inside
05) Jim Valley – All Is Well
06) Barbara Sipple – Hold On
07) Rainbow Promise – Do You Hear
08) Bliss – Visions
09) Mind Garage – The Electric Liturgy- The Lord’s Prayer
10) The Sheep – Changes
11) Lonesome Stone – Where Do We Go From Here?
12) Dave Bixby – Open Doors
13) Chuck Girard – Everybody Knows For Sure
14) Carpenter’s Apprentice – Someone
15) Harlan, John, Todd – Keep Me Through The Weak Parts
16) Hidden Manna – Death In The City
17) All Things New – Ones, Twos, and Threes
18) Moonrakers – Together With Him
19) White Light – Now I Realize
20) Marj Snyder – High On The Love Of Jesus
21) David Horn and Rodney Alexander – Walk These Streets
22) Living Stones – Disallusion
23) The Joyful Noise – Amazing Grace (House of the Rising Sun version)

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