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The end of 2016 saw the return of Dungen, via Häxan – an instrumental album commissioned by Anders Annikas of the Swedish Film Institute. The gig was to create a new original score to Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. As firsts go, the film is notable as the oldest surviving feature-length animated film; preceding Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by nearly a decade. As score’s go, Dungen’s is notable in that it highlights the group’s varied, chameleon-like, strengths via 14 inspired soundscapes.

The group is set to perform their live score to The Adventures of Prince Achmed at six dates across the United States, beginning March 15th in Philadelphia and wrapping in Los Angeles at the Getty Museum on the 21st. To coincide with the run a limited deluxe version of Häxan is now available–of which the above video (directed by Jenny Palen, on Super 8) is culled.

We have a copy of the vinyl test-pressing of Häxan to give away to an AD reader. To enter, leave a comment below stating your favorite film soundtrack / score, and why.

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68 Responses to “Dungen :: Kalifen / Häxan (Limited Deluxe Version)”

  1. Spike Lee’s Crooklyn for the fact that the music is so emersive I could see myself as a member of the on screen family living life in slightly older version of NYC

  2. I like the trash film soundtrack work of Guido and Maurizio DeAngelis, especially the tunes Goodbye My Friend, Driving All Around, and the Eurodisco theme from Raiders of Atlantis.

  3. Heavy Metal soundtrack introduced me to so many crucial bands.

  4. Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla. No other pieces could fit those scenes so perfectly. Completely transporting. Travelling through Argentina on a shitty bus listening to this soundtrack was probably one of those moments I’ll carry with me forever

  5. Big fan of Dungen, and Haxar is exemplary work. I would love a vinyl edition! One of my first fave soundtracks was Vampyros Lesbos — the film, meh, but when I discovered the music in early 00s, it lead me on a path looking for more psychedelic (sexadelic!) party music. These days I go for old Popol Vuh or Tangerine Dream soundtrack work. Cheers!

  6. Hello!!! Huge Düngen fan 🙂
    my favorite soundtrack/score is Fantastic Planet. The music carries the scenes into even deeper psychedelic wonderings and propels the images into swirling technicolor. It’s a full fledged magical experience. I was lucky enough to find a copy of the LP which is so groovy as a musical piece alone. Häxan would go beautifully beside my copy of Fantastic Planet! Great job on the score guys! Peace.

  7. Really enjoying Häxan, would love to see this live accompanied with a screening of Prince Achmed. Off the top of my head, fave soundtrack is Don’t think I’ve Forgotten – that era of Cambodian music is unique, amazing and needs to be heard by more people. With apologies to Down from the Mountain, Big Lebowski, Dark Days, iRazor, Morricone & Tarantino directed OSTs etc…

  8. My favorite film score must be Pink Floyds music to Barbet Schroeders movie More from 1969! Great album by itself and a perfec score for the wierd but beautiful movie.

  9. Ennio Morricone’s ‘The good, The Bad and The Ugly’ for its groundbreaking use of reverb guitar and voices to mimic the cry of the chayote in the old Wild West. Absolutely memorable.

  10. Soundtrack: Valley Girl
    Why?: ‘Cause…”That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless!”

  11. One From The Heart Tom Waits tho it’s a musical, a dirty words theses days.

    Apologies to Tangerine Dream, “Thief” & Cliff Martinez “Drive”.

  12. Really hard one, but might have to go with Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu – hauntingly gorgeous minimalist/acoustic psychedelia, and the only possible (!!!) accompaniment to those hallucinatory landscapes and twisted myths painted onscreen. A whole other level of film/music symmetry. Seamless!

  13. Hausu! because nothing soundtracks sassy cats and topless japanese teens like jazzy piano.

  14. REPOMAN. i came across this movie on TV, late one night when i was about 14. The zits, the erections, the confusion, the excitement of being a hormone ridden teenager was reflected right there on screen. Next day, I had a shirt out and penned my own suicidal tendencies design on the back. A year or so later, I found the soundtrack and thirty years later, I still take that same copy to every dj gig. Never gets old. “let’s get sushi!…and not pay!”

  15. my fav soundtrack is Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat Kill Kill and the movie with judo chopping babes and fast cars is a real hit.

  16. My favorite film score is François Truffaut’s the 400 blows. It’s perfectly of its era and captures the mood of the film and what I imagine Paris in the late 50s to be like perfectly. It’s the first (and only) score to make me nostalgic for an era i never even experienced- It’s that captivating. The perfect score

  17. Dead Man soundtrack by Neil Young. Haunting, but soothing, mirroring the visual tone and pacing of the film.

  18. Too many classics to choose from, so we’ll go with favorite OST in recent memory: “Beyond the Black Rainbow” (Sinoia Caves). An excellent complement to this odd, cerebral, meditative sci-fi movie that takes place in the 1980s. A heady mix of synths, roaring organ and Mellotron that doesn’t come off as cliche and takes me to the place I like to go (and sometimes my 2-year old daughter). Kudos as well to whoever mixed and mastered it, because it sounds massive through a proper stereo.

    Can’t wait for Dungen at the Garfield Park Conservatory here in Chicago!

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