Still Rollin’ (Up The Rim): A Vintage Canadian Mixtape II

Two sons of Tommy Douglas invite you on another all-vinyl trip across the Great White North. From reflective provinces to longing territories, you’ll discover a mellow cultural mosaic of the overlooked and the unknown. And if you haven’t heard the first installment, now’s the time to get acquainted. May as well make it a double double.

Still Rollin’ (Up The Rim): A Vintage Canadian Mixtape II

Playlist after the jump . . .

Riverson – Winter Garden
Moonstone – Focus
Lorri Zimmerman – Paint Me A Picture
Rick Jones – Saskatchewan Sunrise
Tom Mawhinney – Nurture The Spark
The Original Caste – Slide Up Under My Shoulder
Billy Charne – I’m Going To Heaven
The Penn Kings – With Out Me
The Other Half – In Passing
Howard – Park Trilogy Prelude
Blind Owl – Hooked On You
Young Folk – There’s A Groovy Day Coming

Previously: Dig into our Vintage Saskatchewan series. Find parts one,  Multis E Gentibus Vires,   here, two, Prairie To Pine, here. and three, It’s That Beat (Covers Edition), here. compiled by k evans / b hettinga

3 thoughts on “Still Rollin’ (Up The Rim): A Vintage Canadian Mixtape II

  1. hello AD, i have a question about the Rick Jones song”Saskatchewan Sunrise” (#4 in the list). I know this song from The Great Speckled Bird album from 1969. This band featuring a.o. Ian and Sylvia Tyson. Here the song is called “Bloodshot Beholder” and credited to Ian Tyson. I am puzzled, help.

  2. @ Chris

    You’re totally right, that’s Great Speckled Bird’s “Bloodshot Beholder.” I missed putting it in the track listing.

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