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There are few constants out there in this big, bad world; few things one can always count on. But check it out, Endless Boogie is one of them. Helmed by Paul “Top Dollar” Major, the band’s next lp, Vibe Killer, is out May 19th via No Quarter Records. To commemorate the event, I asked sometime member, guitarist, and super-fan Matt Sweeney to proselytize, below.

Endless Boogie is the band you always wanted to hear. The first time I saw them play all these thoughts shot through my head at the same time — “OK that guitar player looks wilder than anyone I’ve ever seen/That is the rudest riff I’ve ever heard/Why didn’t I think of that riff/I would never dare think of that riff/ I could watch guy play that lead forever/Chuck Berry and John Coltrane/That beat is perfect NEU!/ Am I really hearing and seeing this??/Are they really doing this??” — for like an hour, and it was one song.

And with that, for your daily dose of bad vibes, switch off the news and dig into the title track…

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  1. Hey Paul,
    Napo…do you remember me ? Imagine playing as opening band for you. WE are CAMERA krautrockers from Berlin, and I’m a special guest to them…They played with Michael Rother and Roedelius and shared the stage with US Cave etc etc Interested? Gimme a shout,then. All my best.Napo Camassa III/Zenlo

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