Jason Molina :: North Star Blues Session – Belgium, 2003


Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia / Magnolia Electric Co) died March 16th, 2013. It’s impossible to overstate the depth and virtue of his songs or the way he poetically expressed the human condition. We originally ran this set in 2013, following his passing. Still touring under the guise of Songs: Ohia, Molina recorded the following live session on April 20, 2003 for the “Duyster” radio show on Studio Brussel, FM 94.5 Belgium. Woodshedding material that would later appear on record (plus an interview), the set is raw and stripped down. Captain Badass, indeed.

Jason Molina :: Interview (Studio Brussel, FM)
Jason Molina :: Leave The City (Studio Brussel, FM)
Jason Molina :: North Star (Studio Brussel, FM)
Jason Molina :: Don’t This Look Like The Dark (Studio Brussel, FM)
Jason Molina :: North Star Blues (Studio Brussel, FM)

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14 thoughts on “Jason Molina :: North Star Blues Session – Belgium, 2003

  1. Thank you for playing a set of Jason Molina on your SIRIUS/XMU show today. You picked perfect songs, and I wanted to say that I feel your pain as well. It was quite moving, and honestly the first time I got to grieve over this loss — sitting alone in the car listening to the melancholy lyrics with new ears.

  2. This has consistently been the recording I’ve come back to over and over again. I’ve always wished it would get an official release someday as I think these are the best versions of these songs he ever recorded.

  3. Thanks for posting these…i met my wife at a Songs:Ohia show and now we’ve been married ten years and have two great kids… If it wasn’t for Jason’s music this would have never happened…so thank you, Jason…I will always cherish your records and I hope that you finally found that light…

  4. Never heard of Jason Molina. Driving to work this morning, hear “Don’t this look like the Dark” on the radio. Now I’ll always remember Jason Molina. Thanks for posting these songs.

  5. I never heard an interview with Molina before… love his stuff and am surprised by the energy in his responses… Thanks.

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