Imagine dialing around on the radio and stumbling across this utterly fried live session from The Incredible String Band late one night in 1968. Transmitted via Bob Fass’ legendary Radio Unnameable show, this is some seriously psychedelic free-folk, with Mike Heron and Robin Williamson delivering ecstatic visions and out-of-time tales. Rob Young, in his highly recommended Electric Eden, summed up the ISB best when he said the group “captured [the] elemental essence of music as an intimate rite in the flickering light, imparting sacred mysteries to rapt ears in the sapphire deep of night.” Radio Unnameable, indeed. Tune in. words / t wilcox

Download: The Incredible String Band :: Radio Unnameable – NYC, 1968

4 Responses to “The Incredible String Band :: Radio Unnameable – NYC, 1968”

  1. Thank You! Huge ISB fan here suckin it down like milk!

  2. I will have to check out Electric Eden, I enjoyed White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s by Joe Boyd (there producer).

  3. Thanks! I am pretty sure I heard this broadcast instead of going to sleep.

  4. Loving it!!! O to have been tuned into the radio on that magic day…

    Electric Eden is a really great read in my collection. It’s intense. While a rather different writing style, Joe Boyd’s book is equally as enjoyable and perhaps easier to blaze through.

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