Anna Makirere :: Tiare Avatea


Originally issued on cassette in the Cook Islands in the early 1980s, this totally wonderful reissue via Little Axe Records contains the complete recorded works of teenaged singer Anna Makirere. Come for the gorgeous, solar-powered harmonies, stay for the subtly grooving, phased-out guitar work. This is music that’ll lift you out of any doldrums, guaranteed – and we could all us music like that these days, right? words/t wilcox

5 thoughts on “Anna Makirere :: Tiare Avatea

  1. summer is coming. just bough it. thank you for making me aware of this. sounds great.

  2. Cheers to y’all for pointing me back to little axe. This is a real gem, for those solitary breezy summer days. I’m ordering this~

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