Bonny Doon :: S/T


Detroit’s Bonny Doon have a knack for melodies that breeze by in easygoing fashion – each tune on the band’s new self-titled LP is as effortlessly catchy as can be, calling to mind Stephen Malkmus at his friendliest. But underneath the Gold Soundz you’ll find a vein of melancholy. A nice contrast. Bonny Doon wears its 1990s indie influences on its sleeve (Pavement, Silver Jews, the early Smog releases), but that’s no complaint; songwriters Bill Lennox and Bobby Colombo bring a freshness and enthusiasm to these timeworn grooves, whether it’s the lackadaisical lope of opener “Relieved” or the revved up, Velvety thump of “Lost My Way.” With spring here and summer fast approaching, this one will get plenty of spins in the months ahead … | t wilcox

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