Another dive into the world of the 1970s private press universe via the ever-reliable Tompkins Square label. Released in 1975 in an edition of 300, Philip Lewin’s Am I Really Here All Alone? has gained a following over the decades among crate digging aficionados — and rightfully so.

It’s a powerful set of tunes, with Lewin’s echoey acoustic guitar, desolate vocals, and stark piano work cutting through the lo-fi murk. Lots of stuff gets called “loner folk” these days, but as the title suggests, Lewin truly sounds very lonely here. While the sun breaks through the clouds at times (“The Magic Within You” is as dreamy as you’d expect), the vibe is generally downcast and bleak — the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day, and thankfully now you don’t have to drop $700 for a copy. words/t wilcox

Philip Lewin :: Unusual Day

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  1. Whoever’s trying to noodle over that track needs to find another mode of self-expression. Something involving a deep fryer and a headset mic would be a good fit.

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