Six Organs of Admittance :: Burning the Threshold


The Six Organs of Admittance catalog is deep and varied, each album offering the listener a terrifically tangled journey through Ben Chasny’s boundless musical imagination. For that reason, it’s tough to pick out a single “best” Six Organs effort. But Burning The Threshold is definitely in the upper echelon. For this effort, Chasny enlisted the help of some heavy hitters: Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Ryley Walker, Damon & Naomi, and Chris Corsano among them, each one digging into Chasny’s intricately eccentric song structures with enthusiasm. Things lean a bit more in the folk direction of the psych-folk realm, and Ben’s acoustic guitar playing is a pleasure throughout – check out the Pentangling “Around the Axis,” with Chasny and Walker indulging their inner Renbourn and Jansch, or the hypnotic pastoral beauty of “St. Eustace.” But there’s room for some electrifying shredding too, with Corsano providing a powerful backbeat for a fiery/fuzzy solo on “Taken By Ascent.” All in all, Burning The Threshold is another Six Organs winner – a record that will please longtime fans, while also serving as an excellent place for newbies to jump onboard. words/t wilcox