Ought frontman Tim Darcy’s solo debut Saturday Night has been on heavy rotation (our interview with Darcy forthcoming). In the meantime, Ought’s Concert à Emporter.

La Blogoteque gets deserved credit for their direction and cinematography – but holy shit, that sound. It’s so crisp. You’d think recording outdoors would decrease fidelity but Chryde (La Blogoteque founder) and co. prove you wrong with each upload. Right around the 4-minute mark, right as things feel precipitately too close to going too far off the rails for 4-minutes into a 15-minute video, the band maneuvers around to a song with a near-delirious combination of vitriol and conviction. As the music comes to an end 10-minutes later, there’s no denying what a woman yells from a passing car, “Yeah! Rock and Roll! Rock and Roll!” words / b kramer

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  1. Lots of love. Thank you so much for the kind words !

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