Trummors :: Headlands


Consider your cosmic country rock needs met for the summer. Trummors’  Headlands  is a gorgeous sonic road trip through the beauty, sadness and mystery of the American west (or what’s left of it), packed with sunburnt pedal steel, close harmonies and sneakily sophisticated songwriting. Think New Riders of the Purple Sage,  American Beauty-era Dead, Neil’s  Harvest  and the early 70s work of Iain Matthews (whose “Hearts” is given an absolutely perfect rendering here).

The core Trummors duo of Anne Cunningham (vocals, harmonium) and David Lerner (vocals, guitar) is joined on  Headlands  by a crack band of fellow travelers — especially strong throughout is Kevin Barker’s  b-bender guitar work; check out the sparkling solo that closes out the appropriately named “Breezin'” or the fuzzed out blast that pleasingly interrupts “Hollis Tornado.” Roll the windows down, crank the volume up and head for the open highway with Trummors. words / t wilcox

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4 thoughts on “Trummors :: Headlands

  1. Thank you for highlighting this album. It is exactly what I needed this evening.

  2. Amazing…love it!! Will be part of my playlist when I head out to the mountains of Idaho this summer.

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