Some For Harry: A Haruomi Hosono Companion


“It was really pure art. Pure art. Anyway, producing great works was the ultimate goal; we had eyes for nothing else. We heard nothing else. We still had no sense of society. There was no sense of the masses.” – Haruomi Hosono

Here now, “Some for Harry,” a celebration and glance at Haruomi Hosono: bass God of Japan, the in-demand producer, the confounding inventor, the soothe-singing crooner and social commentator; an hour of groove, freak-out, electronicalypso and beyond.

Excerpt from “Tube” w/ host Jools Holland — Interview with Harry Hosono, 1980.
Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band — Shimendoka/四面道歌
Ayumi Ishida & Tin-Pan-Alley-Family — Watashi Jishin/私自身
Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang — Stardust/星くず
Harruomi Hosono — Merry Go Round
Miharu Koshi — L’acqua Sonora/天使に寄す
Haruomi Hosono — Bara To Yaju/薔薇と野獣
Harruomi Hosono — In Limbo
Harry Hosono — Hotel Malabar Ground Floor …Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest… (Excerpt from “Cochin Moon”)
Haruomi Hosono — “Sports Men”
Towea Tei ft. Kylie Minogue and Haruomi Hosono — GBI (German Bold Italic)
Sandii — “Zoot Kook”
Sheena & The Rokkets — Ukabina Peach Girl/浮かびのピーチガール
Excerpt from “Tube” w/ host Jools Holland — Interview with Harry Hosono, 1980.
Swing Slow — “Western Boléro”
Masato Minami — Hateshinai Nagare ni Saku Mune Ipai no Ai (The Tropics)/果てしない流れに咲く胸いっぱいの愛
World Standard — “Country Sad Ballad Man”
Happy End — Hana Ichi Monme/花いちもんめ
Sachiko Kanenobu — Blue Fish/青い魚
Chu Kosaka ft. Harry Hosono — Arigato/ありがとう
Yellow Magic Orchestra — “Tighten Up” (“Live” on Soul Train)

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  1. I’m loving this!! Can this mix (and others on your site) be downloaded??? I would love to be able to listen offline. Thanks for making these!

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