Iggy Pop In The East Village / Gimme Danger Soundtrack

2016 saw the return of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch on two separate fronts with the release of Patterson and his Stooges documentary, Gimme Danger. The latter is now on Netflix, so go ahead and queue it up.

In the meantime: if you haven’t caught the above Iggy Pop curio before, carve out fifteen minutes and do so. In short, having moved to NYC several years prior, a documentary film crew follows Iggy around his east village neighborhood just prior to the massive transformation the area would soon undergo once Giuliani took the reigns as mayor.

We have several copies of the Gimme Danger soundtrack (vinyl + the expanded CD version) and related goodies for a few readers. To enter, leave a comment with a link to your favorite Iggy/Stooges youtube ephemera. Winners contacted later this week via email.

27 thoughts on “Iggy Pop In The East Village / Gimme Danger Soundtrack

  1. Iggy playing the drums on an 8-foot scaffold dressed in a suit and tiny tie with The Iguanas.

  2. Iggy with david Letterman 1982. Late night in every sense of the word – bold, new, hip…the world was our oyster.

  3. IGGY POP – WKNR FM Radio Interview 1970–Gentle vintage Iggy answering questions as banal as when Australian reporters drilled poor Lou…

  4. This clip brings back memories of a trip to NYC I took in ’97. I remember walking out of Tower Records in the village and walked right into Iggy. Gave me my New York moment I will always cherish!

    Love this clip of the reunited Stooges (w/ the almighty Mike Watt!) in their native Detroit.

  5. It’s hard to say my favorite, but this is certainly up there, the video for “Loco Mosquito” off the 1980 LP Soldier. He spends the majority of the video in the bathtub getting ready to go out. I always felt like it was this video that led John Waters to book Pop to appear in “Cry Baby.”

    Here you go:

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