Silver Bullet Band this is not. While the masses may associate Seger with 1970s Motor City rock & roll and Chevy commercials, others champion the underrated, pre-stardom garage rock of The Bob Seger System and The Last Heard. Yet few are aware that in 1971, following the dissolution of the Seger System, the artist attempted to pursue a solo career. Titled Brand New Morning, the all-acoustic album was written during a time that Seger has since described as feeling defeated and without direction following a recent divorce. Comprised of somber, reflective songs concerning break-ups (“Sometimes”) nostalgia for simpler times (“Railroad Days”) and sympathy for the down-trodden (“Song For Him”), Brand New Morning is a an anomaly in his career. So much so that it has never been reissued in any format, and is disowned by the singer himself, remarking to a reporter once that his only copy is “buried in [his] backyard”. But hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. words / zb

Bob Seger :: Sometimes

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2 Responses to “Bob Seger :: Brand New Morning / All-Acoustic, 1971”

  1. I’m always hopeful someone will revive “Railroad Days” on something like The Voice and get Bob to reconsider. If he wants to disown anything he should start with “Shakedown”.

  2. As a Detroiter, the first rock concert I ever attended was Bob Seger and the Last Heard at the Hideout 2 in Clawson, MI (a Knights of Columbus hall). I’ve always liked his early stuff better than the overblown ballads and arena rock for which he’s known. Love his local hits like East Side Story , 2+2+? and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. Also like Railroad Days from this album. Trouble is, Bob doesn’t agree.

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