Rosebud :: Main Theme from More / Interstellar Overdrive


Lifted from a 1977 collection known as Discoballs: A Tribute to Pink Floyd, Rosebud was a French studio project featuring a number of notable players (composer Gabriel Yared, Magma’s Jannick Top and Claude Engel), bent on reinterpreting eight Pink Floyd tracks in the vein of “disco”. Emphasis on parentheses, as the results skew more toward early electronic music and the pulsing mutant polyrhythms of Talking Heads, rather than, say,  Gloria Gaynor.

Forty years later,  whatever the project’s original intent, the end results transcend novelty.

Rosebud :: Main Theme from More
Rosebud :: Interstellar Overdrive (AD edit)

2 thoughts on “Rosebud :: Main Theme from More / Interstellar Overdrive

  1. I’m digging “Interstellar Overdrive” but, I’m definitely having a little bit of trouble finding much of the sound of the original song in there. Still, from an old Floyd fan, that’s pretty cool!

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