Patrick Cowley initially made his mark as one of the pioneering sound architects of the Hi-NRG San Francisco disco sound, crafting hits with Sylvester, famously remixing Donna Summers’ “I Feel Love,” and founding his own imprint, Megatone Records, to release jammers like “Megatron Man” and “Menergy,” an unabashed celebration of gay club culture. Cowley was an early student of the synthesizer, founding the Electronic Music Lab at City College of San Francisco, and he drew on his electronic expertise in the late ’70s and early ’80s, crafting soundtracks for Los Angeles-based Fox Studio’s gay porn films. The last couple years have seen Bay Area label Dark Entries re-release much of Cowley’s work into the wild: a collection of cues called School Daze in 2013, followed by a collection of his recordings with singer Jorge Socarras, Catholic, in 2014Muscle Up in 2015, and Candida Cosmica, and EP-length recording with erotic filmmaker and sex educator Candida Royalle, released in 2016.

October 19 sees the final release of soundtrack work from Cowley via Dark Entries: Afternooners. Exceptionally funky, playful, lusty, and charming, these recordings exhibit Cowley’s compositional ambition and joyfulness. Cowley died in 1982, an early victim of AIDS, not long after recording these exceptional songs. File next to Giorgio Moroder, Black Devil Disco Club, LCD Soundsytem. words/j woodbury

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  1. this is awesome.

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