Sonic Youth :: Peel Session, October 1988 (The Fall Covers)


Sonic Youth vs. The Fall. In October of 1988 Sonic Youth paid a visit to the  John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 a week before the release of Daydream Nation. Having recorded with Peel just two years prior, the group used the ’88 session to pay tribute to UK post-punk godheads The Fall.

Kicking off with a jagged “My New House” (via The Fall’s 1985 lp This Nation’s Saving Grace), Sonic Youth imprint their own brand of babel strewn across the four covers…including a take on the Fall’s own rendition of the Kinks’ “Victoria”. Meta, indeed!

Sonic Youth :: My New House (Peel Session)
Sonic Youth ::  Rowche Rumble (Peel Session)
Sonic Youth :: Psycho Mafia (Peel Session)
Sonic Youth :: Victoria (Peel Session)

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One thought on “Sonic Youth :: Peel Session, October 1988 (The Fall Covers)

  1. I have this on a 45 called “All Fall Down” that I inherited from a friend who died. “My New House” is really long and takes up a side. There’s no “Victoria” on the 45. I’ll have to download it.

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