Rahsaan Roland Kirk :: Montreux Jazz Festival 1975

Until my machine is up-and-running, and I wake up with those stunning views of Lake Geneva, just plant me in front of youtube and start typing "Montreux Jazz Festival 197-".

Today, we highlight the 1975 set from Rahsaan Roland Kirk. "Mar-cee, mar-cee to you, thank you very much. Bright moments. Peace... and all that kind of stuff." Draped in his customary accouterments of instruments, Kirk leads his band through jazz in all its iterations, blurs the line between banter and spoken word, and educates the non-English speaking crowd on Fats Waller.

It was Kirk's return to the festival sur le lac, having cut the seminal I, Eye, Aye there in 1972. This performance would be part of the equally important and sanguine Kirkatron.

A mere four months after this taping, Kirk would suffer a devastating stroke - but he would soldier on for another two years before his untimely and all-too-soon passing at age 41. We're blessed with so much of his time in Montreux being accessible. Make the most of it...until your time machine is working again. words / b kramer

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