Luna :: A Sentimental Education / “Friends” (Doug Yule VU)

"Yeah, but is it a Velvet Underground record??" If you've spent any time clerking in a record store hanging out online in obsessives fan circles, the matter of the Velvet's final lp, 1973's Squeeze, has likely come up. Why? Sans any other VU members, the album was in essence a Doug Yule solo project, and as AD's Tyler Wilcox laid out in a defense of Doug Yule a couple of years back, could have likely garnered some critical kudos in hindsight. And while it obviously hasn't played out that way, there are indeed some choice nuggets within. Case in point: "Friends", the album's eighth track and one most recently resurrected via Luna on their new collection of covers entitled A Sentimental Education.

The group has long had its VU bona fides, and their take here feels natural and lived in with Wareham's familiar and wistful vocal out front as the group gently sways in stride.

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