Eddie The Wheel :: Leave Behind


We posted Eddie the Wheel’s “Nearsayerfive” from the He’s A Scream EP back in the spring of 2011. That summer, Eddie Whelan founded Grass Giraffes, one of the best Athens, GA bands that never was. The next year he jumped over to London to follow a career as a visual artist. “Leave Behind” is the first fully-formed recording as Eddie the Wheel since that first EP, released last Friday as the A-side of a tape for Cassette Store Day. The track picks up the drum machine groove of “Nearsayer” and envelops it with slowly-humidifying guitar and synthesizer. “Never know what you’re leaving behind,” Whelan sings. “So just be kind. Cause your right on time.” As the beat gives way to the growth, it’s not hard to get nostalgic for those Athens summer days gone by. Kudzu-covered hills and dirty swimming pools. Moldy basement shows and bleary rooftop sunrises. Whether or not that was the intended effect, this is a side worth playing over and over again. words / j steele