Sibylle Baier :: Colour Green

Sibylle Baier -- Colour Green

Softly. Home recorded via reel-to-reel in Germany between 1970 and 1973, Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green gently aches. Unearthed some 30+ years later by Orange Twin records in 2006, the album’s fourteen tracks hover somewhere between melancholy and hope. Austere and lo-fi, it’s an intimate portrait; one comprised solely of Baier’s vocal paired with classical nylon-string guitar and the room’s ambient atmosphere. Autumn, indeed.

Sibylle Baier :: Wim
Sibylle Baier :: Softly

2 thoughts on “Sibylle Baier :: Colour Green

  1. Good voice and guitar style; beyond novice… The sound quality (of these two tracks) is quite impressive – I wonder if the other album tracks maintain this level of warm tone ?

    Funny, I also lived in West Germany during this time period and have fond memories of my very young ears being exposed to all sorts of music. Young Folk musicians performing at U.S. Army Base catholic masses remains fresh. Thank you AD & OT records…

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