Some Strange Rain :: Michael Nau / A Mixtape

On his new ep The Load, Michael Nau chases his latest album, Some Twist, with another shot. The songs are drawn from the same batch as that full-length, but fully worth their own attention. The title track couples JJ Cale vibes with skronking free jazz; "Sure It Can" drifts into blissful R&B; "Diamond Anyway" finds Nau pairing his voice with Natalie Prass, conjuring up spooky, string-soaked drama.

Today, we're happy to share a mixtape from Nau, one that showcases his attraction to the relationship between rhythm and melody. "There's not really a theme to it," Nau says, "But I've realized these are all songs I've asked 'Hey, what's this' [about] over the years, [hearing them on] someone else's playlist." Tracklist below. The Load is available now on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Some Strange Rain :: Michael Nau/A Mixtape

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