Some Strange Rain :: Michael Nau / A Mixtape

Oversoul - Emil Bisttram 1940 (1)

On his new ep The Load, Michael Nau chases his latest album, Some Twist, with another shot. The songs are drawn from the same batch as that full-length, but fully worth their own attention. The title track couples JJ Cale vibes with skronking free jazz; “Sure It Can” drifts into blissful R&B; “Diamond Anyway” finds Nau pairing his voice with Natalie Prass, conjuring up spooky, string-soaked drama.

Today, we’re happy to share a mixtape from Nau, one that showcases his attraction to the relationship between rhythm and melody. “There’s not really a theme to it,” Nau says, “But I’ve realized these are all songs I’ve asked ‘Hey, what’s this’ [about] over the years, [hearing them on] someone else’s playlist.” Tracklist below. The Load is available now on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Some Strange Rain :: Michael Nau/A Mixtape


The Wailers – It Hurts To Be Alone
Charlotte Dada – Don’t Let Me Down
Lijadu Sisters – Come On Home
Gabby Pahinui – Hi’ilawe
Gal Costa – baby
Margo Guryan – Don’t Go Away
Washington Phillips – Mother’s Last Words To Her Son

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