Rescued from oblivion by the Love All Day label, Planetary Peace’s beautifully beguiling Synthesis is a modular synth masterpiece. Created in the early 1980s by the husband-wife duo of Will & Kalima Sawyer, it was pressed up on limited edition cassette and generally forgotten until a collector came across a box of tapes collecting dust in New Mexico. An extremely fortunate find — available in double LP form (or digitally for the bargain price of $1), we can now all bask in the shimmering glow of these strange and lovely hymns to the new age. There’s a wonderful contrast here between the futurist sounds of the Sawyer’s Serge synths and their vocals, which often sound as though they could be beamed in from several centuries ago. And while the vibe leans toward the utopian, there’s a heaviness that creeps in as well — you may not hear anything quite as dark and foreboding as “Mountain Horns.” A one-of-a-kind record, a universe unto itself.  words / t wilcox

Planetary Peace :: I Am That I Am

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