The latest from John Kolodij’s High Aura’d is a moody and masterful instrumental journey, taking the listener into a variety of zones — some soothingly meditative, others ominous and dark. There are atmospheric acoustic and electric rambles that bump against blindingly beautiful walls of sound, sinister Lynch-ian soundscapes that slip into billowing clouds of feedback. It’s a testament to Kolodij’s overall vision that No River Long Enough Doesn’t Contain a Bend all fits together perfectly, like a skilled filmmaker juxtaposing disparate images and coming up with a singular whole. For a final shot, he brings Angel Olsen on board for the sublime “Red Rocks,” with the singer sounding as haunting as Marble Index-era Nico over an icy ambient landscape. Transmissions from across the frozen borderline …  words / t wilcox

High Aura’d :: Iridescent Grasshopper

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