The Beach Boys :: Sun…Baked (A Medley)


Faded, bearded and worn-in like 15 year old denim; saltier than the rim of a pitcher of margaritas.  Aquarium Drunkard presents nearly three hours of (mostly) ‘post-Murry’ Beach Boys. Unbending never ending tablets of time …

The Beach Boys :: Sun…Baked (A Medley)

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9 thoughts on “The Beach Boys :: Sun…Baked (A Medley)

  1. this is great. i love that you are still about linking to downloads, yet also up on spotify. way of the future.

  2. Is there a way to listen to this without signing up for spotify?
    I like the entries with the little play icon better!

    PS: It would be tragic if spotify became the “way of the future”…
    (my guess is that Brian Wilson would agree)

  3. Excellent mix – many of my favorite lesser-known cuts. Wish I’d come up with this myself! Cheers.

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