52626482Baby Lloyd’s “There’s Something On Your Mind” – a swirling, nocturnal slice of psychedelic soul — courtesy of The Complete Loma Singles: Vol. 1, a compilation of the little-known imprint of Warner Brothers Records. Largely populated by a roster of soul and r&b oddities, the label also boasted the likes of Ike & Tina Turner and Little Jerry Williams (fondly known to us here as Swamp Dogg). And while the label’s output was strong with hitless wonders, all largely crafted in a pop-oriented vein of bubblegum soul and funky, barbershop blues, it is this unassuming cut of downbeat noir that stands out most. With its subtle, shuffling rhythm, solemn stabs of horn, and spinning organ swells all working in a loose but potent accord, Lloyd takes the song way downtown with his soft vocal touch – sensitively cool, distantly seductive. At a lean two minutes, nineteen seconds, the song morphs into its own echoing tunnel of smooth. That organ feeling like it could swirl on forever… words / c depasquale

Baby Lloyd :: There’s Something On Your Mind (pt. 1)
Baby Lloyd :: There’s Something On Your Mind (pt. 2)

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  2. digging this!

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