Boz Metzdorf :: Signs of Seasons


It’s a little late to propose Boz Metzdorf for any year-end lists, maybe 38 years too late, but Metzdorf’s Signs of Seasons feels primed to be remembered-for-the-first-time. The LP has been burning an ever-deepening earhole   since our copy arrived after reaching out to Boz directly via his site. As a whole, Signs touches upon a host of (then) contemporary sounds (from Neil Young and the Doobie Brothers, to the Flying Burrito Brothers) yet crafts its own end-of-decade vision. See: standout track “Sails Across The Sea” as it meanders through a cosmic-folk lament that both grows layers and peels like an onion. words / b kramer

Boz Metzdorf :: Sails Across The Sea

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  1. Wow, this is great! Keep coming back to it since it was posted. I’ve searched the web some looking for other cuts to no avail. If the rest of the album is half as good as this, it’s in serious need of a reissue. Thanks for posting and smooth sailing!

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