The Fall :: Peel Session, August 26, 1981

Farewell to the Hip Priest himself, Mark E. Smith, who fearlessly led The Fall through 40+ years of uncompromising, visionary work. A total original, his methods as a bandleader were extreme (just ask any of the dozens who count themselves among Fall ex-members), but the results speak for themselves. The one constant over the years was Smith’s unmistakable voice, spitting out a seemingly endless litany of words, ranging from the surreal to the satirical, from the profane to the oddly beautiful, all often within the space of one song. Taken as a whole, his lyrics make as convincing a case for the poetic possibilities of the English language as, say, William Shakespeare or James Joyce. To sum up the sprawl of The Fall is of course a fool’s errand, but you could pick worse places to begin than with the band’s mid-1981 Peel Session, featuring fiery renditions of “Deer Park,” “Look, Know,” “Winter” and “Who Makes The Nazis?” Turn it up and drink the long draught, Dan.   words / t wilcox

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