Covering Nick Drake can be tricky, but Joan Shelley manages just fine with her gorgeous, heartfelt rendition of Five Leaves Left’s lead off track (part of Mojo Magazine’s new tribute to Drake, available gratis with the March issue). She doesn’t do anything radical with the song — she just lets it breathe, wearing its wistful melancholy like a favorite winter coat. Shelley is back on the road this year, supporting her recent self-titled LP. In fact, for a few dates, she’ll be supporting the guy who played lead guitar on the original “Time Has Told Me” — the mighty Richard Thompson himself, who has been known to cover the tune from time to time. Maybe Joan can coax him onstage for a duet …  words / t wilcox

Joan Shelley :: Time Has Told Me (Nick Drake)

3 Responses to “Joan Shelley :: Time Has Told Me (Nick Drake)”

  1. A lovely version of a Nick Drake classic. Hope to catch you live in the UK soon.

  2. Amazing cover, captures the mood perfectly with a smooth and relaxing vocal and authentic guitar playing. 10/10 🙂

  3. Joan original or covers are heart rendering, this cover of Nick Drake’s “Time Has Told Me” is superb! THX for sharing!

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