Nick Millevoi and his Desertion Trio — here augmented by Jamie Saft on organ — deliver a nonstop instrumental thrill-ride on Midtown Tilt. You may remember Millevoi from his recent stint in Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band, and while fans of that work will find plenty to love here, the guitarist definitely has his own thing happening here. It’s a kind of jammed out free jazz psych western noir hybrid, equal parts Crazy Horse and Nels Cline, blending wild abandon with music-school chops. Millevoi and his cohorts (Johnny DeBlase on bass and Kevin Shea on drums) clatter and soar throughout the LP’s seven tracks, often coming dangerously close to total collapse before snapping back into focus. The interplay is telepathic, the vibes are infectious and the grooves are unshakeable.  words / t wilcox

Nick Millevoi and his Desertion Trio :: Numbers Maker

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  1. Aw man I freaking love Nick Millevoi! Intentional timing with the Philly tie-in? Thanks for the link & review

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