Nino Ferrer :: Nino & Radiah / Looking For You (1974)


Printed in France. Made in France. Clocking in at just under six minutes, “Looking For You” is cinematic in scope — listener willing. Released in 1974  on Nino Ferrer’s Nino & Radiah, an album which found the French artist backed by the Lafayette Afro Rock Band, the track is the cornerstone of a suite of songs evoking a slow funk wafting off the coast of an imaginary American South.

A solemn paean to romantic love and longing, things slow to a woozy crawl on “Looking For You”. Deftly making use of sound design, the tune feels experiential. An open, atmospheric, ride that would not feel out of place in the world of John Cassavetes.

Nino Ferrer :: Looking For You

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  1. Never heard of Ferrer before, but after reading this completely smitten. Still haven’t found anything near as brilliant as the track featured here, but the reconnaissance mission proves to be quite enjoyable.

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