Brigid Mae Power :: The Two Worlds

brigid mae power

Music is mood; atmosphere. And the environs must be right. Brigid Mae Power knows this, as she struggles to finish her statement on female oppression, “Don’t Shut Me Up (Politely)” in the bright ambiance of Portland, Oregon, departing for her hometown of Galway, Ireland, where a sense of dreary isolation comes to inform her recently released sophomore lp, The Two Worlds. Power’s stark, gothic-folk commands full attention on this latest work, with droning chords, pulsing drums reminiscent of Moe Tucker’s dark, innovative approach and, elsewhere, lighter brushes of percussion and delicate dances across ivories, painting her world-weary song in hazy, pastoral colors. But to call this a sad or depressing record would be shamefully reductive; a myopic view in a landscape where Power’s gorgeous and subtle compositions swirl with an honest existential optimism and musical form that feels extremely fresh amongst a genre that has become largely over defined. She imbues new meaning into what might be considered an old format, and we’re all the better for it, for this is a new world, and we’d do well to listen closely. words / c depasquale

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