Trummors :: Breezin’

Laurel Canyon shuffle and languid harmonica. Trummors new single off last year’s great Headlands lp is now beautifully accompanied by a video, courtesy of the band’s friend Amy Scott — director of the Hal Ashby memoir Hal, who utilized her grandmother’s personal 8mm film for the video. More about the cache of film from Amy, below …

“Maybe ten years ago or so, my grandmother Bernice gave me a large plastic bin that held 63 reels of 8mm film that my grandfather had shot. “You’ll know what to do with this,” she said. I moved that bin around the country with me from home to home knowing someday I would find the time to transfer it all. A few months ago I finally watched these reels – which spanned from 1955 to 1968. They told the story of my mom’s family, of where we came from, but it also told a story of western America. These were Dust Bowl survivors who loved each other, the open road, and a groovin’ good time. When I heard the Trummors song “Breezin’” I thought it vibed perfectly with the story I saw emerging from this footage.” / d norsen

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2 thoughts on “Trummors :: Breezin’

  1. Great easy going jam. The languid guitars and subtle backing vocals give this song the wheels it needs to keep me traveling on. The video is an apt accompaniment, displaying thee happy warm feels of past adventures.

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