Trummors :: Breezin’

Laurel Canyon shuffle and languid harmonica. Trummors new single off last year’s great Headlands lp is now beautifully accompanied by a video, courtesy of the band’s friend Amy Scott -- director of the Hal Ashby memoir Hal, who utilized her grandmother’s personal 8mm film for the video. More about the cache of film from Amy, below …

“Maybe ten years ago or so, my grandmother Bernice gave me a large plastic bin that held 63 reels of 8mm film that my grandfather had shot. “You’ll know what to do with this,” she said. I moved that bin around the country with me from home to home knowing someday I would find the time to transfer it all. A few months ago I finally watched these reels – which spanned from 1955 to 1968. They told the story of my mom’s family, of where we came from, but it also told a story of western America. These were Dust Bowl survivors who loved each other, the open road, and a groovin' good time. When I heard the Trummors song “Breezin’” I thought it vibed perfectly with the story I saw emerging from this footage.” / d norsen

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